Please be advised that there are certain legal implications that players of InvasionRO should be aware of. By acquiring $Zeny/$IN tokens and/or participating in InvasionRO, it shall be deemed that the player understands and accepts to be solely responsible for their decisions and acts regarding their $Zeny/$IN tokens and related assets and the related risks, known or unknown, including but not limited to:

1. Market Forces:

The blockchain industries are increasingly competitive. Market competition and changes such as a decline or increase in the prices of any digital asset could negatively impact InvasionRO, $Zeny/$IN tokens outside the control of the InvasionRO team. Furthermore, unforeseen technical difficulties, shortage of development funds for activities, or any changes of other economic factors may hinder the development of InvasionRO as planned and cause unexpected effects to $Zeny/$IN token holders.
Laws and regulations related to the distributed ledger technology underlying $Zeny/$IN tokens and InvasionRO are not settled and subject to change, which could negatively impact $Zeny/$IN tokens and InvasionRO, we may decide to cease our operation.

3. Impossibility of Absolutely Complete Disclosure:

This Whitepaper seeks to provide the most updated and most important information relating to InvasionRO and $Zeny/$IN tokens as of the date hereof, however, it may not be absolutely complete in any circumstances and shall need to be updated from time to time. InvasionRO is still under development and thus its technical details are subject to constant changes. Insufficient information disclosure is inevitable and the InvasionRO team is not able and not obliged to inform relevant stakeholders of every detail of InvasionRO.

4. Other Risks and Uncertainties:

It should be noted that the risks mentioned above are not exhaustive. Other risks and uncertainties in connection with InvasionRO and $Zeny/$IN tokens may materialize and still stay unknown. By using InvasionRO services and related products, the player accepts to undertake the mentioned risks and shall be solely responsible for their acts and decisions. The player is expected to conduct full due diligence on the overall and detailed information related to InvasionRO, $Zeny/$IN tokens, and the InvasionRO team before participating in any related activities.

5. Server Nerf/Buff:

The server is close to the official IRO/RMS classic but there is a chance that the skill / item effect of InvasionRO and IRO/RMS will differ. There are times when management has to make its own decisions.

6. Changes to Our Policies:

The market of blockchain-related video games such as InvasionRO is especially fast-paced and businesses should adapt to new developments on a very regular basis. As such, we shall reserve the right to amend, update, change, and decide on all policies related to InvasionRO, including but not limited to the whitepaper. $Zeny/$IN tokens shall not be able to control nor held responsible for any effect that may take place on relevant stakeholders.

7. Human Capital Loss:

People are the most important resources of InvasionRO. Despite the effort to retain talent and build a good working environment, the parting of any team member is not under our control. In-cohesion within the team and departure may affect $Zeny/$IN tokens, InvasionRO, and $Zeny/$IN token holders.

8. Security Risks:

Digital assets have been targeted by hackers and malicious groups. Many attempts to interfere with digital asset platforms similar to InvasionRO have been reported, including but not limited to malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, Sybil attacks, smurfing and spoofing, and causing great losses to relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders should be aware of the risks of thefts and appropriation of $Zeny/$IN tokens by criminals, and InvasionRO shall not be expected to be completely shielded from such offenses. Furthermore, the development of technology is highly unpredictable and could pose unknown security risks to $Zeny/$IN tokens and/or InvasionRO.
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