Buy Item

Here are the guidelines for buying items on the marketplace:

Log in to your account, and you will be directed to your inventory.

Ththe official InvasionRO marketplace link is and nothing else.

Click on the "Marketplace" navigation at the top and select the "Bag Icon" on the left side, just before the "House Icon."

Either search for or choose the item you want to purchase and click on the item.

If you are certain about the item you selected, you can proceed to "BUY NOW."

A small window will appear for confirmation, and click "Buy."

After successfully purchasing, you will be redirected to your marketplace inventory, and your newly purchased item will be highlighted in green.

If you want to use the item you purchased in your in-game account, simply log in to your in-game account and speak to the "Marketplace Manager."

In the NPC Menu, click on "Get Items from Marketplace."

In the NPC Menu, choose the item you want to retrieve.

Click "Yes," and your item will now be in your in-game account.

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