The refiner of this game has been added. An insurance system feature to prevent the loss of your item if it failed to upgrade.

They need a "Protection Ticket" or "same default item that you refined" they can be used as insurance of your refined item so when it fails, your upgrade item will not be broken or lost.

Instead of breaking or losing the item you upgrade permanently, using "Protection Ticket" or "Similar item" it will serve as insurance for your item. Because when your upgrade item is failed, the NPC will take the "Protection Ticket" or "Similar item" in your inventory and there will be a downgrade -2 on your item


1). The first thing NPC takes as insurance is the "Protection Ticket" if you have it before the "Same item"

2). The second thing NPC takes as insurance is the +0 item first make sure you have enough "+0 Similar items" to ensure, if it doesn't find "+0 Similar items" in your inventory this NPC will automatically take the lowest refine upgrade in your inventory

3). If you do not have a "Protection Ticket" or "Similar item" your upgrade may be broken/destroy if it fails and it can no longer be restored

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