Creating a Character

In Ragnarok Online, players have the ability to customize their characters’ name, hairstyle, hair color and starting stats.

Giving the players the privilege to customer the avatar’s stats during the character creation phase has led to many players creating characters that ended up having the attributes that are not suitable for their characters’ Job-Class they would eventually choose.

Stats or attributes customization would be done while playing to better build a character up for a particular job class.

Players are unable to pick the gender of their characters as character gender was restricted to the gender selected for the InvasionRO account itself.

Players wanting to create characters of both genders would have to create separate InvasionRO accounts (male and female accounts).

In 2015, more than 13 years after the game's initial launch, GRAVITY developed a new playable race for players to choose from.

This required an overhaul of the character creation window to allow players to create characters of different race.

The update allowed the players to finally select the gender of the characters they choose to play, and also allowed the players to create additional characters with the option to select male and female genders in the same InvasionRO account.

Meaning, creating a different account is no longer necessary to create a character with a different gender.

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