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This Post is Regarding InvasionRo Marketplace – FAQs below.

You guys are all amazing, there’s no doubt about that.

Have you guys visited our Marketplace? It’s packed with a lot of items that can help you improve your character.

Allow me to help you ease the confusion between the two pages of our marketplace website.

Before we start, we would like to remind everyone that your META MASK account must always be connected to our marketplace website.

So let’s begin!

The “My Account” page or https://marketplace.invasionro.net/myaccount

  • All the in-game $ZENY or $IN that you will deposit to our marketplace will go here. Please see image “Number 1.”

  • You can deposit your $ZENY or $IN through the in-game NPC “Marketplace.”

  • You can also make a direct deposit FROM your META MASK account to this page.

  • This is also where you can sell your items into the marketplace.

  • Once you’ve confirmed that your $ZENY or $IN balance are reflecting on the My Account page, then you have all the privilege to get them withdrawn TO your META MASK account.

  • Unfortunately, the $ZENY or $IN deposited from the in-game NPC and/or Meta Mask cannot be used to purchase an item in the Marketplace Page. Deposits from Meta Mask to My Account Page can only be withdrawn back to your Meta Mask account or to your in-game character.

The “Marketplace” page or https://marketplace.invasionro.net/marketplace

  • This page will automatically reflect your token balance in META MASK. Only you can see this for as long as your META MASK is connected to our marketplace. We have an example below, please see image “Number 2.”

  • All purchases made in our marketplace are final. It cannot be undone.

  • You will not be able to by an item if you have insufficient $ZENY or $IN balance in your META MASK account.

  • The $ZENY or $IN balance you see in this page is your balance from your META MASK. It’s not your in-game balance or the balance you see in the My Account page.


  1. Question: I deposited my 5,000.000.00 $ZENY and my 2,000.00 $IN from the in-game Marketplace NPC. Where will I see my funds?

    ANSWER: It will be shown in this page. https://marketplace.invasionro.net/myaccount

  2. Question: I was able to confirm that the My Account page received my deposits. Can I get them withdrawn?

    ANSWER: Yes, please make sure your META MASK is connected because this is where your money would go. Also, please review our withdrawal guides.

  3. Question: Can I use the $ZENY or $IN I deposited to purchase something in the marketplace?

    ANSWER: NO AND YES. No, I cannot be used to directly purchase an item in the marketplace page. Yes, if you would withdraw your funds first to META MASK and use META MASK to purchase the item you want in the marketplace page.

  4. Question: The Marketplace page shows that my $ZENY and $IN are 0.00.

    ANSWER: Please make sure you META MASK account is linked or connected to our marketplace website. The Marketplace page will automatically reflect the balance of your $ZENY and $IN for as long as your META MASK is linked or connected. FYI, we sometimes encounter latency in our marketplace page.

  5. Question: Someone bought my item from the Marketplace. Where did my money go?

    ANSWER: The payment for the item you sold will go directly to your META MASK account. Your $ZENY or $IN balance on the marketplace page will be updated. If by any chance that it didn’t, then please visit your META MASK account to confirm the transaction. This is the first thing you must do if you sold an item as we sometimes encounter some latency in our marketplace website.



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