Ragnarok Invasion team consists of compassionate Ragnarok players and developers that possess a background since 2007 and blockchain developers since 2015.

The reason why we decided to introduce ourselves anonymously is that the Invasion Ragnarok is a private server.

We are currently communicating on Gravity for legal documents needed to validate and make the official server of invasion under Gravity.

Assets are owned by the community. In parallel to our application to have an official license, we are creating games that will use these assets outside gravity. In the event that we are not granted a license, these games will serve as our backbone.

In the past, top up sales from games goes to the game owner and the licensee. 70% of the revenues goes to the company, while only 30% goes to the licensee. Our project is different. We give back 95% to our community. We will need to strike a balance betweeen the old ways and the new.

We are passionate gamers. We love ragnarok, and hope that gravity will join us on our new journey.

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