Sell Character

Here are the guidelines for selling character on the marketplace:

  1. Log in to the character you wish to sell.

  1. Purchase a "Character Record" from the cash shop.

  1. Double-click the "Character Record" and read the NPC dialogue, then click "Yes."

  1. You will be disconnected from the server; log in again. Note: Do not open the character that is stored in the "Character Record."

  1. Log in again with a different character and open your "Storage." There, you will find the character stored in the "Character Record."

  1. Retrieve it and place it in your inventory.

  1. Speak to the "Marketplace Manager" and store it to transfer it to your marketplace account.

  1. If your "Character Record" is successfully stored, you can click "Back" in the NPC dialogue.

  1. Click "Store Items Now!" and now your character is temporarily in your marketplace account.

  1. Log in to, and it will automatically redirect you to your inventory, where you can see your character.

Ththe official InvasionRO marketplace link is and nothing else.

  1. Click "Sell" and set the price and currency you prefer, whether Zeny or IN, and click "Sell."

  1. Your character is now listed on the marketplace, and you can check it by clicking the "Marketplace" navigation at the top and searching for or selecting your character.

  1. After clicking it, you will see an information overview of your character.

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